Sticker Application Instructions

On this page you will learn how to easily apply your RENNBETRIEB sticker. Some general instructions before you start:

  • Apply the sticker at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C
  • Avoid direct sunlight and strong wind
  • Do not stick in dusty environments
  • Avoid car wash or hand cleaning for at least 24 hours after applying the decal

1. Inspect the vehicle surface

RENNBETRIEB stickers are all supplied with an adhesive which is balanced in terms of its composition and adhesive strength. This means that the films will not lift or damage the vehicle paintwork, provided that painting has been professionally done and has cured completely prior to application of the graphic film. The stickers may be applied to plastic automotive components only if they are painted in accordance with OEM specifications, and if they have a completely smooth surface. Otherwise, the sticker’ adhesion will be significantly compromised. A water drop test can help to determine whether these conditions exist: Moisten the plastic surface with water. If the water runs off in drops, it is not advisable to apply the film. If the water runs off without marked drop formation, the film can be applied to the plastic surface

 2. Prepare the vehicle

The surface must be completely clean and dry when applying the film. Inspect all surfaces and edges for residual preservation wax or polish. Any residues must only be removed with a silicone-free citrus-based industrial detergent. Never apply detergents that use nanotechnology to establish nano-sealing or nano-coating on the surface to be cleaned.  Do not use spirits or any other vehicle cleaning liquids. Make sure that any remaining detergents are thoroughly and completely removed. Make sure that the surfaces of the vehicle are completely dry. 

Important notes:

  • Thoroughly clean the bonding surface (without greasy or silicone-containing cleaning agents)
  • Clean windows with alcohol-based cleaner and cloth
  • Allow the cleaned surface to dry
  • Check the surface again for dirt before applying

3. Apply the sticker

First position the sticker and press it at one corner on the surface. Then adhere the remainder by applying a plastic squeegee (or similar) across the film in overlapping sweeps. Depending on the size of the sticker being mounted, the silicone paper may be removed completely before bonding or gradually during the adhering procedure. Once positioned, remove the silicon paper at a 180° angle.


Environment and surface temperature must be at least +20° C before these films can be removed. First lift up cautiously one corner of the sticker. Then slowly draw the vinyl from the surface at a 180° angle. Heating the sticker with a hot-air gun or hair-dryer while pulling makes removal considerably easier. If the film being removed is very old, a small amount of residue from the adhesive may remain on the surface. It can be removed easily with varnish thinner.


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